The project


A strategic partnership to connect guidance services to key performance and impact indicators

Context of the project

A keyway is a slot in a lock for receiving and guiding the key and the Keyway project has been developed in order to unlock or connect guidance services and guidance organizations to key performance and impact indicators. The projects objective it to support the evaluation and evidence based update or design of guidance policies and services by creating a practical system of indicators for guidance organizations to measure the results and impact of their guidance services. “Developing an understanding of the evidence is essential to ensuring the delivery of high-quality lifelong guidance services” according to the European Lifelong Guidance Policy Network (ELPGN).  The ELPGN has developed the Quality-Assurance and Evidence-Base Framework. This system identifies key elements for national systems to support quality guidance services (ELPGN Tools No.3, 2013). This Framework is a helpful guideline, but does not give a practical how-to guide for local, organizational level guidance services that focuses on how they can gather and organize data related to the results and the impact of their individual services among citizens.


Conceptual impact map

A framework with the main dimensions to assess

To identify and analyse the diverse areas of impact that guidance actions have in the lives of citizens

Key performance and impact indicators (KPIs) system

To define Key Indicators of Performance and Impact (KPIs) based on consensus methodologies so that guidance services have the needed measures to evaluate and valorise the services they provide

Methodological guide

To support the valorisation and optimization of guidance services by developing a methodological guide on how to implement KPIs


The Keyway project addresses local guidance decision-makers and stakeholders, guidance practitioners and teachers involved in academic and career guidance.

Keyway is built on the work of the ELGPN and other academic analysis and initial studies of evidence-based methodologies related to academic and career guidance. Keyway responds to a transnational need to develop a methodology for systematically and practically collecting evidence indicators related to the impact of guidance services with guidelines and how-to information for individual guidance services and professionals. Guidance services and guidance practitioners will directly benefit from the Keyway outputs because these tools facilitate the calculation of impact in order to provide evidence to policy and budget decision makers.