The Keyway Tools are presented at the IAEVG conference

The Keyway project and tools were presented in an oral paper session at the IAEVG International Conference “A Need for Change” held October 2-4, 2018 in Gothenburg, Sweden by Dr. Peter Weber and Dr. Rebeca García-Murias from project partner HdBA. The Paper Session in which the Keyway Project was part of the conference theme: A need for change in delivery and/or access to career guidance and counselling: What is needed to make the Lifelong Guidance a reality for everyone?

Abstract presented: 
Career Guidance and Counselling (CGC) in a changing world focuses on individuals concerning how they face changes in today’s society. Currently Guidance wants to be seen as an important tool in the lives of people, especially in a society where the job market is radically changing, making it harder to design one’s career. Career competences help to lead our personal development, education and careers, and can also support with our adaptation to such changes. Guidance Services encourage the development and mobilization of both personal and professional potential of clients and they should be accessible to all citizens of any age in our society. It is common to offer these services to clients in transition periods but CGC claim to be beneficial as a lifelong service. In turn, services are more often called or interested to measure, analyze and publish information about their results and effectiveness – not least to maintain the legitimation and the
public support for it. Accordingly, this research reflects on relevant key performance indicators for careers and on the need for evidence-based practice in times of social and political change. The result of this is the creation of a system of indicators. This might support guidance services to measure the performance and impact of their services, developing a methodology to gain evidence  based on indicators related to the impact of guidance services. The measurement of impact will allow to valorize or improve the quality of guidance services and organizations as well as to support guidance practitioners in their effort to collect and provide evidence about their work having influence on decision makers and guidance policies.


García-Murias, Rebeca, Doctor /PhD, University of Applied Labour Studies (HdBA). Mannheim, Germany
Prof. Dr. Weber, Peter. University of Applied Labour Studies (HdBA). Mannheim, Germany